General Terms and Conditions

  1. Course Fees
    Fees for GEMA and VAT are included in the course fees.


  1. Payments
    Course payments in cash or via bank transfer need to be made before the beginning of the first class in the course. If payment is not received, you will not be allowed to participate in class.


  1. Cancellation and Refunding
    Cancellation is possible anytime and for free before the start of the first class of the course. If you have to cancel, please, inform us as soon as possible, so that people on the waiting list can be allowed into the course. Any course fees that have been paid prior to the beginning of the course will be refunded for cancellation up until the start of the first class of the course. After that class has started, no refunds for the course will be issued.


  1. Physical Safety
    Dancing is a physical activity (although in our experience no more strenuous or dangerous than jogging) so please be responsible for your own physical safety and that of others during classes. SugarfootSwing holds no responsibility for any physical injury incurred during classes. If you have a pre-existing injury that may be of concern during class, please let the teachers know so we can work to your needs.


  1. Code of conduct
    SugarfootSwing is tolerant of everyone’s lifestyle choices. Any behaviour considered discriminatory or abusive are not condoned. Anybody exhibiting inappropriate behaviour will be privately notified of the issue, and if they persist in such behaviour, they will be asked to leave the classes without refund. The teachers of SugarfootSwing reserve the right to determine what is and is not appropriate behaviour.