Hello again!
With the easing of social distancing restrictions in June, we will start offering some SOLO JAZZ courses so we can get back into the swing of things ­čÖé
We will still be very cautious about personal contact, as your health remains our first priority, and as such all courses will have highly limited numbers and payments must be made online in advance of the courses. Please consult our “Class Options” page for a description of the solo jazz levels, and take note of the course times and dates (courses are 2x 2-hour sessions) on the our “Calendar” page. Registrations will open at 8am on Friday May 22nd.

The status of our partner courses remains the same (please see below).

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Love, Steph and Bruno


Beginner and Post-Beginner Partner Courses
We offer the following two options to all participants of the current Beginner and Post-Beginner Charleston course in March:
1) We will continue the course as soon as it is safe again. This will be hopefully in May, but we will notify you about the exact starting date as soon as we can. Although we currently have only two weeks left in these courses, we will offer an additional “restart” week (at no extra cost) to refresh content of these first two weeks, followed by the remaining regular two weeks of the course.
2) If you cannot or do not want to pick option 1, we will refund you half of the course fee you have already paid.
For those already enrolled in the upcoming months, we will be deferring the courses by at least two months, but we can not say exactly what the new timetable will be at the moment. When we are certain what the new timetable will be, we will reorganize registrations and prioritize places for students who have already been accepted. For those who have already paid, your payment remains valid for a future course, or we can offer you a refund. This system also applies for anybody currently on a waiting list.
Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced Regular Partner Courses and Routine Class
All class cards will be extended by the length of the break. Anyone who was intending to pay for just the month of March or April will be offered a refund, or the chance to simply defer their course booking to a later month.
If you have any questions, please write us.