Hi everyone!

Yes, we will be starting partner dancing classes again in August, and here is the overview of the details for you:


We have contacted everyone who was in our March courses for these levels, and are organising for us to repeat the March course in August for those students. We are not taking on any new students in August.

In following months, we will be significantly reducing how many new students we can take on, and will be operating a continuous waiting list system for the remained of 2020. This will be explained in detail in August, regarding the classes for September. For your safety, we will be limiting the number of participants in the classes, and will be modifying the partner rotations slightly.


We have just opened registrations for the intermediate and intermediate-advanced level on Thursdays. There are a few differences, because we are still keeping your safety as our top priority. As we now have a limit on how many people can attend the class, we are also asking everyone to register for specific weeks, and we will release registrations for all the weeks in a given month 2 weeks beforehand. Hopefully the registration form makes this clear what we mean.

Other general rules are:

  1. Maximum 20 students in the room for any class.
  2. The group of students will be divided in two groups, and each group will do partner rotations only within their group.
  3. For Intermediate and Intermediate-Adv classes, all students must now pre-sign up for classes on a PER WEEK basis. On the registration form each week within a month will be listed, and which weeks you wish to attend must be checked.
  4. You are not guaranteed a place in the class when you register. To allow for all students to take part in dance classes again, the teachers reserve the right to choose whether you get into a particular week or not. Following registration, the teachers will email you to let you know which classes you are signed up for, and then you will be asked to pay for those classes online.
  5. All payments must still be done online.
  6. No refunds or class replacements will be issued for a missed class.
  7. Classes can either be paid for with a class card as usual or per class (15euro per class).
  8. All previously purchased class cards will have their validity extended until February 2021.
  9. Any newly purchased class cards will have a new validity of 6 months.

We look forward to seeing many of you there, and as usual STAY SAFE!


Steph and Bruno