Location: Wednesday swing classes

Starting from October 2020, only our Wednesday partner swing classes will take place at the Ballett-Schule Tanzakademie in Bockenheim, Leipzigerstraße 56, 60487 Frankfurt. Right next to a U-Bahn station and only a short walk from an S-Bahn station, and in an area filled with places to eat or grab a social drink straight after class. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Ballett Schule

Location: Tuesday and Thursday swing classes

Starting in Oct 2020, our partner swing classes for Tuesday and Thursday take place at Tanzakademie, Mainkurstraße 13, 60385, Frankfurt, super close to U-Bahn station “Bornheim Mitte”. This is also a trendy district with lots of places to socialize after class (especially good now, as we can’t socialize at a social dance!)