But that just means we dance more, to keep warm, right? 🙂

Our August workshops were a blast, and our regular classes are rolling on as usual. Here’s a quick update on what we’re offering in the coming months:

Tuesday’s routine class

This is a relatively new ongoing course on Tuesday’s and is completely dedicated to training up your lindy hop skills and applying them to awesome routines. This course will involve a little bit of everything for you die-hard lindy fans out there: serious technique training, a focus on styling, solo jazz, fast dancing, and maybe even some aerials. We will, over time, cover both well-established routines (eg. Big Apple, California), and will involve learning special, hand-crafted SugarfootSwing routines. There will be opportunities to apply this training in performances (we already have one booked in November!), but this is not mandatory for students. Level is for intermediate (min 8 months) and above – enthusiasm will get you further than experience 🙂


Special December course (Jam circles!) and training session

In December we will only offer classes in the first two weeks, but they will be a 2-hour special sessions.

On Wednesday, a specialty class for intermediate and higher students, on working on how to join in jam circles, i.e. learning a short choreography and then practicing it to high tempo songs.

On Thursday’s we will be offering a super discounted training session, for anyone who wants to come by to practice anything you feel you want to work on. Stephanie and Bruno will be available for questions and feedback for any who are interested.

We hope to see you all in our specialty classes, our regular classes, and on the dance floor 🙂

Love, Steph and Bruno