Welcome back from holidays! I assume that applies to most of you 😉

We are always eager to bring new and fun dance opportunities to Frankfurt, and we have THREE new exciting things to offer you this month 😀

1. Routine Class – Tuesdays at 8.15pm

We have a brand new ongoing course which started on the first Tuesday in August, and is completely dedicated to training up your lindy hop skills and applying them to awesome routines. This course will involve a little bit of everything for you die-hard lindy fans out there: serious technique training, a focus on styling, solo jazz, fast dancing, and maybe even some aerials. We will, over time, cover both well-established routines (eg. Big Apple, California), and will involve learning special, hand-crafted SugarfootSwing routines. There will be opportunities to apply this training in performances, but this is not mandatory for students. Level is for intermediate (min 8 months) and above – enthusiasm means more to us than experience 🙂

2. Bruno and Bailey August Workshop Round 2 – August 17-18

Bailey from the US is back again this year, and she and Bruno have created a workshop with a little bit of everything for you – solo jazz, tap dancing in your lindy, charleston swing outs, technique training. Just everything! Check it out and sign up in the tab at the top menu.

3. Blues for Lindy Hoppers Workshop – August 31

Mathieu from Ghent will be teaming up with Stephanie to show you how to groove into those beautiful blues tunes that are often commonplace at lindy hop events. Check out the class descriptions in the Workshop page (see menu) and come and experience something just a little different 😀

Love, Steph and Bruno