Hello again!

We have to thank you all so much for such a great anniversary event. The jam circle workshop was heaps of fun, and the party was amazing – biggest thanks go to the brilliant band, Swing Factory Inc., to Oskay for laying down some swinging tunes in the band breaks, and of course to our volunteers at the bar and registration desk for the evening. It would not have been such a great party without all the effort and time of these people. We wish to additionally thank a collection of our delightful students who made us the most thoughtful memorabilia gift filled with photos and messages. All too incredible, really.
And now on to new things…
Blues dancing!
Yes, we have finally arranged a semi-regular blues class and social event. Check out the tab in the “Take Classes” menu above for the details.
More weekend workshops!
There are a host of amazing dancers and local teachers around Europe, and we have the privilege of meeting them on the social dance floor when we travel to swing workshops and exchanges. Now we’re bringing them to you, so you can experience what made us fall in love with them on the dance floor.
We are starting off with a wonderful leader, Kay Werndli, from Switzerland, who teaches in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Details can be found under the menu above.
We look forward to seeing you in our regular classes, in these new classes, and at the next social event! (Christmas party, anyone?)

Love, Steph and Bruno