The Blues Den

The Blues Den is a new dedicated Blues dancing evening in Frankfurt am Main. Taking place irregularly on Sunday evenings (approximately 2x per month), it consists of a blues dancing class at 8pm (either beginner or intermediate – see below for calendar), and social dancing from 9-11.

Location: Windeckstrasse 62, 60314, Frankfurt a.M..

20.00 – 20.45 : Blues class
•Registration not required – just arrive 10 mins prior to class start. Classes are held in English/German, depending on the language skills of the class participants.
•Class price : 10,-€
•The Beginner classes are suited for anybody dancing 0-4 months.
•The Intermediate classes are suited for anybody dancing 2+ months (or who have taken at least 4x Beginner Classes).
•All classes involve partner rotation

20.45 – 23.00 : Social dancing to DJ tunes
•Any guest DJs welcome, or potential DJs wanting to have a try. Venue is private, so byo snacks and drinks. Glasses/sink/fridge available for use.
•Social only entry: 2,-€ (Social is free for class participants).

Class calendar

24.11 Intermediate

08.12 Beginner