COVID-19 related policies

The following are the policies that SugarfootSwing will implement for the foreseeable future in our classes during the COVID pandemic.

All students must be in one of the following 3 categories:

1. Fully vaccinated (2x vaccine doses) + had a recent negative antigen test
2. Recovered from Covid + a recent negative antigen test
3. Had a booster vaccination (3x vaccine doses)

Mask wearing is not required.

We will only allow a maximum of 22 students per class.

Only official antigen test results are acceptable (or PCR). Home tests are not acceptable. The test must have been conducted no less than 24 hours before the beginning of class.

Boostered status is valid immediately upon vaccination.

All proofs of vaccination, recovery or tests must be provided upon attending the first class of a course. Any student who cannot provide proof will not be allowed to attend class.

All students are required to register for contact tracing, either by a using an official platform with a QR code that we will provide, or by providing us with contact details. This will be done during registration at the first lesson of the course.

If a student learns that they have become in contact with positive case during the duration of a course (irrelevant of category), we request they contact us to discuss whether they will attend class or not.

Due to the small number of students in the class, partner rotation will be mandatory. This is to ensure that everybody in the community has an equal opportunity to dance.


Your health and safety is our first priority, and we ask that you all help us in maintaining a safe, healthy and considerate community.